Welcome to Mame Arcade Cabinets

Welcome to Mame Arcade Cabinets. First, why would you want to build your own arcade system.
There are a few good reasons:

1. No more quarters – remember how many you went through as a kid?
2. It’s fun – maybe for the whole family. We did our’s as a father and son project.
3. Impress your friends and family. When people see our system they think we bought it. They are
amazed when they realize we build it!

Second, why this site? When we built our retro arcade system there were a few good resources
online. We relied heavily on http://www.arcadecab.com/ But many of the sites are now out of date.
Most were done by people who already have a good knowledge of things like word working. This site
comes at Mame arcade cabinet building from the perspective of a novice – we never used a table saw,
jigsaw, or wood router before. You can use our mistakes (and there were many) to learn before you
jump in and build your own arcade cabinet.

Third, we used a Raspberry Pi instead of a PC. Most of the other

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